Meet Trailer Life Meter

The Trailer Life Meter is the first trailer hubodometer designed specifically for use on a wide class of towed equipment . Target applications include commercial or personal enclosed trailers, toy haulers, special use trailers, fifth-wheel & gooseneck trailers, as well as fifth-wheel campers and RV's.

Easily Track Maintenance Intervals

The Trailer Life Meter is designed to protect the investment you make in your trailer, allowing maintenance to be performed on the actual miles traveled. Mileage-based preventative maintenance can be scheduled on: wheel bearings, axle and suspension components, tires, braking systems and electrical/lighting systems.

Foolproof Operation

Trailer Life Meter mounts easily to your wheel end with a threaded stud that attaches to a bracket on the wheel. The counting mechanism of the device works in both forwards and reverse, and on either side of the trailer giving you an accurate count of mileage travelled in all directions without the need of batteries. +/- 3% accuracy ensures the trailer hubodometer device provides a precise measurement of distance travelled.

The quality and price point of the Trailer Life Meter are very attractive. I plan to put one on every trailer on our lot - I owe it to my customers to keep them on the road.

Robbie Booth, Store Manager Bill Plemmons RV

Low Profile Design

Unlike other solutions, the low profile design of the Trailer Life Meter means that the product does not extend out past the bulge of the tire. At less than an inch thick, you don't have to worry about the Trailer Life Meter becoming damaged or destroyed by regular usage of your trailer or towable vehicle.
Trailer Hubodometer Side View